Recognition / Expansion

Attract new equity in private or public companies

Marketability of products in a well regulated and exchange controlled environment

Increase visibility and to improve the tradability of their shares

Have an indicative share prices set by market forces


Focus on Financial planning and Asset Protection

Focus on Investment Portfolio

Increase transparency and ease of share exchange

Increase transparency and ease of share allocation


Complies with substance in the Dutch Caribbean

Meet market entry level regulations

Increase trust through a well regulated environment

Meet regulatory requirements that require institutional investors to invest major proportion of assets in publicly listed instruments

Other International advantages

Increase visibility of their shares

Increase market presence

Improve tradability of their shares

Have an indicative share prices set by market forces

Offering Types

A legal entity, regardless of its industrial sector or country of origin, may request a listing on DCSX. The entity can issue its securities through a public or a private placement:

1. Public Offering: offering to the investment public, after the registration requirements with the DCSX have been complied with of new securities (IPO) or a secondary offering of previously offered stock

2. Private Placement: the sale of securities or other investments products directly to a limited number of investors.

DCSX Listing Process

Public Offering Private Placement
Step 1.Partner Selection:
Listing Advisor/ Brokers
Step 1. Partner Selection:
Listing Advisor/Broker
Step 2. Preparation:
Prospectus/Information Memorandum,
Legal, Accounting
Step 2. Preparation:
Offering Circular/
Private Placement Memorandum
Step 3. Registration:
Step 3: Registration:
Step 4. Listing:
Tradeable Listing
- Approval Listing Committee
- Dematerialization of Shares
- Deposit with Custodian
- Trading on Main Market
Technical Listing
- Approval Listing Committee
- Direct Listing on Entry Market
Step 4. Listing:
Tradeable Listing
- Approval Listing Committee
- Dematerialization of Shares
- Deposit with Custodian
- Trading on Main Market
Technical Listing
- Approval Listing Committee
- Direct Listing on Entry Market

The objective is to provide a cost-effective listing, while ensuring that certain standards are met to ensure investor confidence.

Once the instrument is listed (Public Offering or Private Placement), all interested investors, with a brokerage account at the selected DCSX approved Broker(s) of the Legal Entity’s listing, will be able to trade/invest.

To meet investor expectations in terms of transparency, companies are required to communicate to the DCSX key information to the market, interim internal and (audited) annual statements, group management discussions and analysis, and in general any information that is of “material importance” for the investor, through their selected DCSX approved Listing Advisor.

Listing Requirements

Initialy each potential Technical or Tradeable listing must nominate a Listing Advisor and submit a listing application letter accompanied with the following:


  • A Director’s Undertaking
  • An Issuer’s Undertaking
  • Listing Advisor declaration


  • A Prospectus signed off by the Listing Advisor
  • Audited Financial Statements of previous 2 years

Continuing obligations:

  • Market data
  • Corporate actions
  • Comply with the rules of the DCSX

A more detailed description of listing requirements for Technical and Tradeable listings can be downloaded here
Specific product related listing requirements can be obtained through the Listing Advisor.

Membership/Broker Fee

Initial Membership/Broker Fee (Class B share purchase) USD 60,000
Application Fee USD 5,000
Annual Membership/Broker Fee USD 5,000

Listing Advisor (LAD) Fees (for non-members)

Non-refundable LAD    
Application Fee
USD 3,500
Annual LAD Fee USD 4,000

Exchange Trading Fees

DCSX Commission on           
0.15% or 15
Basis Points
on both sides
of the trade

Listing Fees

The Exchange will charge initial listing fees, payable on application, for each class of securities for which application is made for listing. Once approved by the DCSX, annual listing fees will be due within seven (7) days of written confirmation to the LAD. These initial fees are standard fees. In exceptional cases, a Listing requires the Exchange to assist in the listing process beyond normal guidance and support. In such cases, the Exchange has the right to charge additional service fees. This will always be communicated through and with the respective LAD.


Tradeable Listing

Technical Listing

Initial* First Annual** Total*** Subsequent Annual**** Initial* First Annual** Total*** Subsequent Annual****
Fund USD 3,500 USD 3,500 USD 7,000 1. USD 3,500 USD 3,000 USD 3,000 USD 6,000 1. USD 3,000
2. USD 4,000 2. USD 3,500
3. USD 5,000 3. USD 4,000
4. USD 6,000 4. USD 5,000
5. USD 7,000 5. USD 6,000
6. USD 8,000 6. USD 7,000
7. USD 9,000 7. USD 8,000
8. USD 10,000 8. USD 9,000
9. upwards: USD 500 per additional 9. upwards: USD 500 per additional
* (per PPM, per issuer - including al share classes/sub-funds)
** (per issuer - including all share classes/sub-funds)
*** (payable on application)
**** (per line item according to number of share classes/sub-funds/series)


Tradeable Listing

Technical Listing

Equity Securities (according to monetary/market value of securities Initial* Annual** Total*** Initial* Annual** Total***
Up to USD 5 million USD 5,000 USD 4,000 USD 9,000 USD 3,500 USD 3,500 USD 7,000
Up to USD 10 million USD 5,500 USD 5,000 USD 10,500 USD 4,000 USD 4,000 USD 8,000
Up to USD 50 million USD 6,000 USD 7,500 USD 13,500 USD 4,500 USD 4,500 USD 9,000
Up to USD 100 million USD 7,500 USD 8,500 USD 16,000 USD 5,500 USD 7,500 USD 13,000
Over USD 100 million USD 10,000 USD 10,000 USD 20,000 USD 8,500 USD 8,500 USD 17,000
* (per class)
** (per class)
*** (payable on application - per class)


Tradeable Listing

Technical Listing

Initial* Annual** Total*** Initial* Annual** Total***
Debt (Program) USD 3,500 USD 3,000 USD 6,500 USD 3,000 USD 2,500 USD 5,500
Per series under program USD 1000 USD 500 USD 1,500 USD 750 USD 250 USD 1,000
* (per application-including all co-issuers/series/classes)
** (payable on initial application - covers all co-issuers/series/classes)
*** (payable on application)

Dual Listing Fees

DCSX Dual Listing Fees 50% of Regular listing fee for the respective asset class

Stock Code/Symbol Reservation Fee

DCSX Stock Code/Symbol Reservation Fee Tradeable Listing: USD 500 Technical Listing: USD 500

Separate third party due diligence fees and/or listing ceremony fees may apply

Non-refundable separate due diligence fees and/or listing ceremony fees may apply for listings which can vary from USD 10,000 to USD 40,000

Delisting Fee

DCSX Delistng Fee       Tradeable Listing: USD 3,000 Technical Listing: USD 3,000


The Role of Listing Advisors

The DCSX created the Listing Advisor status for reputable Listing Advisor firms to assist and sponsor the issuer in the listing procedure. The Listing Advisor acts as coordinator between the issuer and the exchange at all times. Any company or fund that seeks to list on DCSX must have a Listing advisor, both in the process of the listing and throughout its life as a listed entity. The Listing Advisor will be accountable for the correctness of information and ensures that an issuer fulfills its transparency requirements.The Listing Advisor must follow the rules for Listing Advisors of the exchange.

Pre Listing

The Listing Advisor will guide the issuer through the entire process of the listing. The Listing Advisor conducts due-diligence to obtain assurance that the prospectus or the offering circular provides a true and fair view of the company and that it has been prepared in compliance with the legal requirements and DCSX rules.

Post Listing

Once the company is listed, the Listing Advisor must help the listed company to fulfill its obligations to the DCSX and the investors. The Listing Advisor will inform the DCSX immediately of any discrepancy in the flow of information or when the issuer fails to meet any of its obligations.

The Listing Advisor license can be awarded by DCSX to financial service providers, legal sponsors as well as audit firms. The DCSX appoints a Listing Advisor after a formal filing has taken place and ensures that those Listing advisors will respect their commitments.

For issuers

The Listing Advisor plays a key part in the preparation of the public offer or private placement and helps the listed company to fulfill its ongoing obligation to disclose information.

For investors

The Listing Advisor plays a defining role for investors as it ensures that the listed company will fulfill its obligation to inform the public of market relevant data.

List of Listing Advisors

For the complete list of all our approved Listing Advisors: click here


The DCSX is a regulated membership organization, licensed by the Minister of Finance and supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. It has a set of well-defined rules to regulate and supervise the market and its participants.

Measures have been taken to ensure the DCSX, once in operation, functions fairly through:

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