DCSX confirms TIF Effecten Limited as Listing Advisor

DCSX confirms First Bonaire Capital as Listing Advisor
March 23, 2023
Status termination for Listing Advisor Solona Fund LLC
July 4, 2023

DCSX confirms TIF Effecten Limited as Listing Advisor

DCSX confirms the appointment of TIF Effecten Limited as a Listing Advisor on its platform as of March 20, 2023.

TIF Effecten is a listing advisor for the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX), providing tailored services to companies seeking to raise capital and go public on the exchange. With a team of seasoned professionals, TIF Effecten offers comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire listing process, from preparing listing documents to coordinating with regulatory authorities. Our expertise and knowledge of the DCSX listing process makes us trusted partner for businesses seeking to grow in the Caribbean and beyond




For more information, can contact their listing executives:

Name: Mr. Joshua Ying and Mr. Kevin Xu

Contact Number:+8615818330219(微信Wechat)

Email : josh.ying@tifef.com, kevin.xu@tifef.com

Website: www.tifef.com


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