Technical Listing Approval for Soursal Investments Fund SPC Corp

Technical Listing Approval for ICEF Wide Fund Ltd
October 11, 2022

Technical Listing Approval for Soursal Investments Fund SPC Corp

DCSX approved on September 30, 2022, the technical listing of 10,000 ordinary shares of the company Soursal Investments Fund SPC Corp.

The shares are allocated as follows:

  • Segregated Portfolio Arch I: 2,500 Class A shares (DCSX Symbol SSIF-AR-A)  and 2,500 Class B shares (DCSX Symbol SSIF-AR-B)
  • Segregated Portfolio Labs 3: 2,500 Class A shares (DCSX Symbol SSIF-LA-A) and 2,500 Class B shares(DCSX Symbol SSIF-LA-B)

The investment objective of the Fund is to seek capital appreciation over time, by investing in private equity opportunities in the United States of America through the purchase of an interest in limited liabilities companies (the “LLCs” or the “Partnerships”). The main objectives of the LLCs are to maximize value creation and return on invested capital through equity or equity-related investments in technology start-up companies worldwide in fields such as online marketplaces, fintech, and e-commerce (“Investments”). The Partnerships will primarily focus on making venture capital investments into third-party start-up companies in the early stages (“Angel Investments”). The Partnerships may also incubate newly-formed companies (“Incubated Investments”). There can be no assurance that the Partnerships’ investment objectives will be achieved or that Limited Partners will receive any return of or on their capital.

The mandated Listing advisor of the Fund is Untitled LAD Services LLC. Further details about each share class can be found on our Markets page under the Fund Symbols SSIF-AR-A, SSIF-AR-B, SSIF-LA-A, and SSIF-LA-B.

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